Team Classifications

Classification Guidelines

Team Classification Overview

Team Classification Overview

Team classifications are based on power ratings, tournament results and by overall team performance on the field.

Any team that is reforming from the 2022 season must start the 2023 season in the same classification (or higher) that they finished the 2022 season unless otherwise noted in 2023 team year start classifications.

For purpose of classifications, if six (6) or more players from a 2022 team are on a 2023 team, they are considered the same team regardless of the TEAM NAME, MANAGER, COACHING STAFF or SPONSOR.

The Regional/State Office will make final classification adjustments around the middle of June each season. This should give teams ample time to prepare for State and World Series plans. Please note that teams may be reclassified at any time by the USSSA Baseball Regional/State Office or by the National Baseball Committee.

Team Classification Guidelines

Team Classification Guidelines

Team Classifications

Major Classification
Top 10% - 15% of the teams in the state.
Best teams in the state
Can Compete with Major teams in region.

AAA Classification
Upper middle 20% - 35% of the teams in the state.
Traveling teams
Tryout teams

AA Classification
Lower middle 30% - 45% of the teams in the state.
Limited travel schedule
Players from same local area.

​A Classification (UNVAILABLE IN NC, SC, GA)
Remaining 10% - 20% of the teams in the state.
School teams
Limited playing schedule
Local tournaments

Team Classification Disclaimer

Team Classification Disclaimer

Undoubtedly, not everyone will agree with classifications. Any team wishing to appeal a reclassification may do so after playing a minimum of six to eight USSSA tournament games after January 1, 2022 against teams in their new classification. Once the results for these games have been posted to the USSSA system, a review will be completed to determine if the team is competitive at the new level.

The term "competitive" is and always will be subjective. A team that plays a little below or above .500 in any classification is competitive. A team that loses every game by one run is also competitive.

Do your part to help the accountability of the USSSA system. View your team's roster and make sure it is compliant with roster rules. The class system of play works if you are part of the accountability mechanism. USSSA is the only organization in the country that can make class play work as it should and monitor it.